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Jeff Yuen Quality Consultation For the Pharmaceutical & Biologics Industries. Dahlia Image.
Jeff Yuen & Associates
Jeff Yuen & Associates, Inc provide the highest quality service for all pharmaceutical phases including pre-clinical, clinical and commercial operations, testing and regulatory support. JYA’s Portfolio of services include a multitude of crucial elements globally and nationally.

Facilitation of Audits & Gap Assessments, Mock Inspections, Facility Design Reviews, Internal Audits of Quality Units, Qualified Person (UK Based), Qualification and Validation Review, Due Diligence for Mergers/Acquisitions, Good Documentation Practices an Data Integrity, Training, Coaching and Mentoring, Technical Support & Technical Writing, Regulatory & CMC Support (CDER/CBER), Data Integrity/Part 11 Assessments and Computer System Validation, Back Room Inspection Management or Support, Vendor/Supplier Qualification Audits, Sterility Assurance and CMC Reviews.
Pharmefex Biologics & Gene Cell Consultants.. A Dahlia affiliate.
Founded in 2014 in Bellevue Washington, Pharmefex Consulting provides expert technical, regulatory, and compliance services to clients around the world. Through a multidisciplinary approach, Pharmefex helps organizations to streamline process development, accelerate time to market, reduce cost of goods, manage technology transfers, prepare CMC submissions, and prevent and resolve manufacturing and compliance problems for recombinant proteins, and cellular immunotherapy products.

The company deploys decades of experience to deliver top-quality results for a diverse base of global clients, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and the law firms that serve them.  Our hands on experience with development, transfer, validation and manufacturing of Cellular Immunotherapy products sets us apart from others. We specialize in helping cell therapy and immunotherapy companies seamlessly accelerate their products to market and achieve higher profitability and to avoid costly mistakes.
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